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With the desire to promote the organic and vegan fashion, we asked ourselves “Why shouldn’t we start our fashion brand? Wouldn’t be more fun and challenging?”. Here we are, starting C R I ZZ L E, which is an organic fashion brand that sells free ideas and produce clothes for the ones that desire to live the organic life fully.

The clothes we create have no animal ingredients, nor fur, leather or exotic skins. There is no usage of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals that harm people, the environment, and your skin. We use natural dying, and everything is fair-trade. We aim to be as sustainable as possible and to show others that it is achievable to be stylish and in harmony with nature, animals, and people who produce the clothes.

Our motto is Make it happen. Love it. Have fun while you do it. We also believe that by taking the road less travelled one chooses the best experiences.